Toblen Stonehill

Toblen is a short, middle-aged man who is the proprietor of the Stonehill Inn, the hub of Phandelver.


Toblen set out to start a new life, leaving behind his wife and children in Waterdeep to seek his fortunes on the Neverwinter frontier. His life’s savings financed the construction of the Stonehill Inn during the rebuilding of Phandelver, and now he and his family enjoy a much more prosperous life than they have known in the past as a pillar of the community of Phandelver.

Toblen is a short man with balding brown hair and overgrown muttonchops. He is an earnest man of 50 years that believes a day’s labor yields a day’s reward, and always sees the good – or profit – in a bad situation.

Toblen Stonehill

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