Nez'aerna was a drow who sought to control the Forge of Spells.


Nez’aerna was a drow who sought to control the area surrounding Phandalin in an attempt to claim the power of the Forge of Spells in Wave Echo Cave. She deserted from Braegan D’aerthe and her former lover, Raylen Xo’Lorn, after her position as a spy for the Matron Mothers of Menzoberranzan was compromised.

Her underling, Glasstaff, was killed by the adventuring party, as were the bugbears of Cragmaw Castle who had been strongarmed into following her. This allowed the party to corner her in Wave Echo Cave, where she was defeated in battle, her right arm severed by a powerful blow from the paladin, Shaun. After being charmed by Kylea, she told the sorceress of her recent past in Braegen D’aerthe. After she had told them all she would, Raylen sent a signal to his superiors, and a powerful psionic drow appeared through a dimension door and took her away to pay for her crimes against his syndicate.


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